Friday, August 5, 2011

Weight loss is a bit like gas prices

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I got to thinking about this on the way to work this morning as I looked for the new gas price for the coming week.  Here in Nova Scotia our gas prices are regulated (somewhat) and new prices are set each Friday.  Sometimes it goes up a couple cents per litre, sometimes it goes down - as with weight loss, we always pray that it will stay the same or go down :)  Today gas dropped 1.3 cents per litre - next week it could go up 2.5 cents per litre...we never know.  In some respects, we have about as much control over what we see on the scale as what we see at the pumps - but over time we have so much more control.  We might see small ups and downs on the scale, but if we're doing everything "right", eventually it will all even out unless there is some medical reason for it not to.  If we eat right, exercise, drink our water and limit processed foods, hopefully that will get us to where we want to be - I wish we had that much control over gas prices!! 

Tomorrow is my weigh in day - I only hope my results are as favourable as the results at the pump today.  I'm afraid that I might go in the opposite direction though.  After last Saturday's food-a-palooza I wiped out my 49 points for the week and have been sticking to my 29 points per day, but have not exercised like I normally would.  I guess, like the gas prices, I will just have to wait and see.


Fado said...

cute image and great analogy!