Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I actually walked TO somewhere tonight

Pin It I know you're not surprised that I WALKED...but this is the first time probably since I was a kid that I used my feet as my mode of transportation as opposed to just going out for a walk.  I had a doctors appointment around suppertime and I took a couple hours off this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful day and decided I would walk to my doctors appointment.  Then I decided I would stop at the library to return/pick up some things.  All in total, I walked for about an hour AND did "errands" along the way :-)  I am always so quick to jump in the car to go to these places, but I just wanted to be outside today...and my doctor's office is only about 2 kms from my place...really no excuse (not to mention, it's almost right on one of my regular walking routes!) 

So, as my PT and I suspected, my issue is my rotator cuff.  Calling tomorrow to make my first physio appointment.  My doctor said these injuries are quick to happen, but unfortunately take a long time to heal :-(  Oh well, the weather is getting nice, so I'll concentrate on long walks for now and will get back to the weights when my physiotherapist says it's OK.

Tonight's breakfast for supper....


Marilee said...

Oooooh. That sure looks yummy. Yup, and that injury hurts a lot! I'm sure sorry you hurt yourself. I should walk to our library too. It's not far. Good for you!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Yay for walking!!! I wish I was in a more walker friendly neighbohood, but our sidewalks are horrible with crags and cracks and tripping hazzards. Once we move to a different area, it is my intention to use my car as little as possible! Good for you!