Thursday, March 10, 2011

The negligent blogger

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I've been somewhat negligent recently in my blogging duties.  This was my first week at the new gym.  Monday night I did water aerobics and was delighted to see Teacher Tracey from my old pool (I think I mentioned this before).  I'm not sure if I mentioned my "athletic injury" that I incurred during water aerobics back in the Fall.  I did something to my shoulder - yeah, yeah, yeah, stop laughing that I hurt myself during water aerobics of all things!  Now you know why I don't do LAND based aerobics!!  I'm a walking disaster...well, actually, walking is something I have mastered...sort of.  More on that later.  So ever since my athletic injury (stop laughing, I'm going to continue to call it that), when I do certain exercises involving raising my right arm, it bothered me.  My trainer suspects it is my rotator cuff.  This week at my PT session it was REALLY bad - nearly had my in tears at one point (and I think I have a high tolerance for pain).  Kellie (thankfully) stopped what we were doing and moved me to the bike where we worked on a new plan that would give my shoulder a bit of a rest until it's all better.  Now about my "mastering the art of walking".  On Saturday when I was on the new treadmill doing my usual (15 incline/3.8 mph) my left knee started clicking - loudly and painfully!!  Sooo, now we have to work on a program to give my left knee and my right shoulder both a rest.  I've been told to do elliptical, bike and stair climber...only tonight I couldn't get a stair climber...would you believe that one of their two stair climbers is already out of order??  So I did 18 minutes on the treadmill at 15 incline and 3.4 knee felt fine.  I think I will lay off the running, but continue with the walking.  In the meantime, I have booked an appointment with my family doctor for the end of the month to see if I should go for physio or something along those lines.  Kellie suggested icing it...but I'm SO cold I can't bring myself to do it!!!  Brrrrrr.  Come on Spring!

Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend (I'll be back before Sat night to remind you again, but in case I forget ;-)