Monday, March 7, 2011

A drowned rat

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I went to the very first water aerobics class at the new facility today.  I was thrilled to see that the teacher was Tracey, one of my old (former I mean, not old) water aerobics instructors!  I loved her classes.

So I jump in the pool and I'm pleased to find that the floor of the pool has texture to it to keep you from slipping - yay!  The class was good, except for the two ladies beside me who decided it was social hour and chatted away the whole time.  Now the problem I have in water aerobics is I'm usually too tall to stand in the front of the class, so I go to the back...but I don't wear my glasses in the pool, so I really have to listen to the teacher to find out what she's the two chatty Kathy's beside me were ticking me off!  Oh well, coulda been worse I guess ;-)  I tried so hard not to get my whole head wet so that I wouldn't freeze waiting for the bus to get home.  I guess I shoulda just dunked all the way my work clothes.  It was raining SO hard when I left that I think I got wetter waiting for the bus than I did in the pool!!  My pants are hanging on the clothing rack and are leaving puddles on my floor...must go wipe that up, laminate floors do NOT like water! 

Not sure if I will continue with these water aerobics classes...getting there for 6pm is a stretch for me - not enough time to go home and get the car, so have to take the bus there and then two more buses to get home.  Didn't get home until after 8pm tonight.  We'll see.