Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pity, party of one

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So yesterday's results were a huge disappointment.  I feel like I had a bit of a pity party.  I've had these before after disappointing weigh ins, but usually they only last a few minutes and I move on.  Not so much yesterday.  I received some lovely encouraging words from my friends, which is great.  I do so love my support system.  One friend of mine mentioned to me that when she got "stuck" in her journey to lose weight, she visited a naturopathic (I think that's what she called it!) doctor.  She discovered she had some food intolerances that were holding her back.  Sugar being one of them (please God, no!!!).  I am thinking that I may look into this option myself. 

People have suggested that I write a food journal and exercise more or drink more water...The problem with that is that, as a general rule, I already 1) track EVERY day (all day), 2) I drink 10-12 cups of water (pure water, not counting coffee, juice, milk, etc. in this number), 3) Exercise 4-6 days per week (last week it was 6) and I don't ever, ever, ever, take a cheat day or a day off...

...until yesterday.  I am really disappointed in myself.  I went to a friend's place last night for a potluck and I did a whole lot of mindless eating.  I couldn't tell you how many points I ate.  The last time I did this was over a year ago.  I enjoyed myself, but as soon as I got home I was mad at myself.  Why do I always seem to sabotage myself when I get close to a goal?  That was my problem in the past.  I'd get close to a major milestone and then quit and walk away.  Not this time.  I went into my online WW tracker and allotted my 49 weekly points to "party at Deb's" and am walking away from the whole mess.  Today is a new day (without any extra points) and I have 6 days to do it right to make up for yesterday. 

I've had my pity party and a moving on to my week of determination.  Perhaps this could be another sugar free week.  When I did that a few weeks ago I dropped 1.4 pounds that week...I only need 1.2 to reach my milestone ;-)

Oh, I forgot to tell you!  Went to the new Canada Games Centre yesterday after WW!  It's soooo nice.  The treadmills have built in fans.  AND they have two stair climbers!  I missed my stair climbers :-(  The gym I've been attending doesn't have them.  The only issue I have with this new place is that they have no elliptical machines.  Their version of the elliptical is the ARC machine...which I am NOT a fan of.  I think I just need to learn to love the ARC like I did the stair climber.  We'll see.  Hoping to go back again this evening.  Their fitness schedule begins tomorrow.  I think this week I will do water aerobics on Monday and Friday, then I have a personal training session with Kellie on Wednesday, so Tues/Thurs will be just regular cardio workouts.  Maybe the re-introduction of water aerobics will help mix things up for me this week - maybe throw my body into confusion and force it to drop some weight ;-)

Happy Sunday everyone - it promises to be a nice warm day here in Halifax (+8 degrees Celsius I think!)


Shondi said...

Hi Tanya! Sorry you were disappointed that you didn't reach the 100 lbs lost mark this week. But you'll get there soon! Maybe your party night abandon will be enough of a change to shock your body into dropping some more weight. And I'm sure you didn't eat as many points as you thought. Stay positive, the changes you have made all are worthwhile and will get you where you want to be!

Emily said...

What is that ugly thing, elliptical trainer?

Tanya said...

yeah..something like that :-(

Here's the's all the rage I guess!