Friday, March 11, 2011

Big or small? You be the judge...or maybe I should be!

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So last week you may remember that I lost 0.2 pounds and remain 1.2 pounds away from 100 pounds lost.  I was amazed at the Facebook comments from people when I posted my new "total pounds lost" as -98.8 when the week before it was -98.6. To me that amount was hardly even noticeable.  Yet my friends wrote comments like "amazing", "Woohoo", "awesome", etc.  While I was sitting there feeling sorry for my piddly little loss, others were thinking it was remarkable.  I've realized that while I am focusing on my weekly losses and on what I DIDN'T lose, others are focusing on the big picture.  They are able to see how far I've come - why do I have such a hard time seeing that?  I know we tend to be our own worst enemies, but when I really stop to think about the fact that I have lost almost 100 pounds (as my WW leader might say, that's TWO super models!), I am amazed.  I am amazed that I have stuck with it this long.  I've taken up many new hobbies, habits, etc. in the past and never stuck to anything quite like this.  It was obviously the right time for me in my life. 

Soooo, tomorrow morning I weigh in - again hoping to reach the century mark.  I just hope that if I don't quite make it this week, that I will remember how far I've come and will see it as my friends do.  Thank you friends! xoxo