Monday, March 7, 2011

ABCs of me

Pin It This seems to be going around the blogosphere, so here you go...a little peak into my life:

ABC's of ME
Age: 30 (with 6 year's experience)
Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Cleaning the tub, oven or fridge

Dogs: like most dogs
Essential start of your day: breakfast

Fave color: Red

Gold or silver: Gold. But I'm cheap, so usually buy silver.
Height: 5'8''

Instruments I play: The only thing I play is the radio/CD player or iPod.  Don't think that counts as an instrument thought

Job title: Executive Coordinator/Team Leader

Live: Nova Scotia, Canada
Mom’s name: Pat (Patricia)

Nicknames: Tess (oldest niece called me that when she was little), Teetee (friend's 2 year old calls me that now), Flipper (long story), Tanny (only ONE friend of mine calls me that...anyone else tries it and I won't answer!!)
Overnight hospital stays: Only when I was born - back in the day when you remained in the hospital for a week!
Pet peeve: lateness, rude drivers
Quote from a movie: "in the morning, I'm makin' WAFFLES!!"
Right or left handed: Left.

Siblings: 1 brother
Time you wake up: 6:50am (unless the neigbhours decide otherwise)
Underwear: is in the laundry basket.

Veg you dislike: beets, asparagus, Brussels sprouts
What makes you run late: Other people
X-rays you have had done: hip, jaw
Yummy food you make: Tortilla pizza, hamburger soup, squash soup (pretty much any soup)
Zoo Animal, favorite: Giraffe


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