Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring has spurng, the grass has riz...

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almost...well, Spring HAS sprung.  I think it'll be a while yet before the grass grows though...soon my friends, soon.  My friend in the UK said that her husband mowed the lawn (garden in the UK) this week!  Tomorrow is Daffodil Day here in Nova Scotia (likely in other places as well).  Daffodils are sold in support of the Canadian Cancer Society - a sure sign of Spring!

Went for another walk tonight - 5.44 kms in an hour.  It was a great night for a walk.  Came home and made the world's biggest salad for supper.  Do any of you find that when you walk outside you're NOT hungry when you get home?  I find if I go before supper, when I come home I'm just not that anxious for supper.  Strange...this doesn't happen when I workout at the gym.  Must be something to do with the fresh air I guess :-)

I noticed tonight that WW is doing the Weight Watchers 5K walk again this year.  Last year I couldn't do it because it took place when I was in Indonesia (actually I think it was the day I left), but this year I think I'll probably do it.  Anyone else interested?  The event is sponsored by The Running Room.  Click here to find a Walk location near you (in Canada).


Marilee said...

Lots of mowers in our neighborhood this past week. Daffodils are blooming. Tulips will follow soon. Cherry trees are covered in blossoms too. Hope your grass is growing soon.