Saturday, January 29, 2011

We've broken up

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My scale and I, that is.  This morning, as I do every morning (and then some), I got on the scale when I got up.  My scales have been fairly close to the WW scales lately, so I was devastated to see I had GAINED over a pound and a half since last week!  I was nearly in tears in the shower - what did I do wrong?  Did I have too much sodium?  I know I started free weights recently, but come on, I'm not body building!  I nearly didn't go to WW.  I weighed myself again after I was almost ready to go.  Same number.  I got dressed...and had lost 0.4 pounds.  This is when I made a resolution.  If I was down at WW, then my scale and I were breaking up.  That's final.  He clearly doesn't love me anymore and obviously is just toying with emotions.  He's just not reliable anymore. He never calls, never writes...oops, sorry, got carried away.  So I go to WW and am DOWN 1.4 lbs!  I am SO over him (my scale) and I am going to bury him in the depths of my storage closet (I can't throw it out - my mother raised me not to throw away perfectly good it still perfectly good?) and I'm going to write him out of my life for good.  So folks, it's official.  We're through.

On another note, I picked up my LaTortilla Factory large tortillas today at Pete's Frootique.  They are only 2 Points+ each!  Yay!!  It could be a tortilla pizza night for me (thanks to Cheryl, I have turkey pepperoni again!).  I also picked up a Pete's salad...oh my, so yummy...and with the dressing and my added protein when I got home, only about 6 Points+ for a huge salad. 


Jazzi said...

Good job on the 1.4 lbs. I used to get on the scale too and when it didnt cooperate, I would have to kick it or yell at it, LOL I have learned to weigh just on weigh in day. I have a DRs office that I usually go to on saturdays and it is really acurate. Show that scale WHO is the boss!! LOL


The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

You know how I feel about scales. I love em when they love me, and otherwise I'm joining your tear party in the shower! That dang thing makes me nuts!
BUT- you are doing fantastic, and doing things the right way. So your scale and mine can kiss it. ;)
I loved hearing this story today!