Friday, January 28, 2011

Individual Ham, Cheese and Veggie Frittatas

Pin It A friend of mine found this recipe on the Weight Watchers site.  It looked awesome to me!  Of course, as always, I decided to tailor it to my needs/preferences/product on hand :-)  The link to the recipe is for the original recipe.  Changes I made were:  Egg Creations (6 servings) instead of real eggs; 6 servings vs 8 (used my large muffin tins) and orange pepper instead of red (wild and crazy, I know!).  My friend mentioned that she thought the person who came up with the recipe may have used shredded hashbrowns.  Unfortunately, we can't get the shredded ones here in Canada, so I used the small cubed hashbrowns. 

Here are some pics:


Fresh out of the oven

On my plate with my veggies
My thoughts on the recipe:
The smell when they were cooking reminded me of that smell when you get McDonald's breakfast at the drive-through (that's a good thing in my mind!).  The recipe was VERY easy and quick to make.  I think next time I will use fewer hashbrowns as the egg mixture didn't really soak into them and they were a bit dry.  I may also spritz the hashbrowns with olive oil so they brown up a bit.  I may also try it with real eggs vs the Egg Creations I used.  The recipe is definitely a keeper, but I think it just needs some tweaking.  I'll make the 6 servings again, but will add a bit more spice, maybe some more milk and, like I said, I'll ease up a bit on the hashbrowns.  Another 4.5/5!

On the exercise front, I did 5 K (3.something miles) today in 49 minutes on the treadmill.  I think that's a record for me (staying on the treadmill that long!).  I used the treadmill with the personal trainer and the fancy schmancy screen on it.  It was kinda fun.  I did the run in stints - 2 mins, 2 mins, 90 seconds, 90 seconds.  The other day I did 2.5 minutes, but couldn't get there tonight.  By the end of it, my hips were screaming at me.  Not that I can't do 5 K - done it many, many times - usually do more when I walk outside, but it's the longest I've ever run AND I dont' normally go that long on the treadmill (I get bored easily) and I think that's what's killing my hips.  Also...I surpassed my fitness minutes goal for January!  I had aimed for 600 minutes and I'm at 679 and January isn't even over!  Maybe I'll aim for 1,000 in February...ambitious for a short month!


Anonymous said...

Yum!! I love that WW recipe. I usually make up a batch and then pop them into individual baggies/containers for weekday breakfasts. Better still? Husband and teens like them, too! I use chipolte cheddar cheese for a little extra bite, and will add whatever veggies are on hand - red peppers, zucchini, spinach...

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