Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cheesy Baked Barley

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Click here: Cheesy Baked Barley to see the recipe.  I had tasted this before (someone made it for Mom when she had her stroke).  I made a few changes to the original recipe.  It called for zucchini, which I did not have in my house, and red peppers (again, had none).  So I used orange pepper and green pepper and I also added some celery and a tin of mushrooms (celery and mushrooms are not listed in the recipe).  The original recipe also said this made two servings...I cannot IMAGINE eating half of this recipe on my own!  Wowsers, holy barley Batman!  I figured out the Points+ using 4 servings @ 4 Points+ each.  Tonight I had it with some leftover chicken and a few more mushrooms.  Yummy :-)  Another 5 in my books, especially given the "staying power" of barley!

before baking (I cooked it in individual containers for ease of freezing)

all done!


Jazzi said...

Hi Tanya
This looks really good and I have all the stuff here to make it. I think I wil give it a try. That is a good idea to freeze it.