Thursday, January 20, 2011

Operation Hunan Chicken..and free weights

Pin It My friend Cheryl and I have discovered (re-discovered?) a local Chinese food place that ROCKS.  It's a place I went to as a kid, but over the years it went down hill.  A couple years ago they were bought out by another local Chinese food place (that I loved, but was about 20 mins away) and their menu improved so much!  We love their Hunan Chicken.  Really, what's not to love? Chicken, veggies, yummy sweet/salty sauce...oh my.  I have been craving it literally for months.  I told myself I could only have it very early in the week (like within a day or two of weigh in) because of the sodium.  I'm so afraid that sodium will make me retain fluids on weigh in day!  It kills me when I eat right, exercise and the scale doesn't reflect it, so if I know it's salt-related...grrrr  Ok, all that to say, on Tuesday (yes, late in my WI week, I know) we did it.  Hunan Chicken, Chicken Chow Mein and an EGG ROLL!  I love egg rolls.  The Hunan Chicken and Chow Mein (1 cup of each) was 9 points+.  I left out the fried rice (10 points+ per cup!!!!) and had myself an egg roll instead (I think it was 5-6 points+).  Yummmmmm  It was so good.  But now I feel like I had my fix and I'm OK for a while.  I just had to share.  I can't believe I went that long without having it.  I think it was early fall when I had it last..

Last night I had a session with my trainer and she convinced me to try (again) free weights for my upper body.  I have a fear of free weights.  I have this fear that I'll be holding these heavy items over my poor little head and will DROP one on my face.  Now I don't know about you, but I kinda like my face withOUT the dent in it.  So, I put my fears aside and gave it a try.  I have to say, one thing I hate about free weights (other than the skull crushing possibility) is the metallic smell that you get on tour hands...ewwww.  It went OK.  Other than leaning forward with weights in my hands makes my arms look like deflated balloons and I want to tuck the loose skin into the sleeves of my t-shirt (that would not really be possible, but you get the point).  My other concern is that my right rotator cuff bothers me - believe it or not, a water aerobics injury! I might have to break down and go see my doctor for a physio referral to get it fixed...I hate bothering my doctor for non-emergency things!

OK, no gym tonight.  I think I've got a touch of the flu and just didn't have it in me to go.  I'm off tomorrow and am going to tour our new Canada Games Centre fitness facility (pool, gym, indoor running track, etc.) and to sign up for my membership....yay!!!  It doesn't open until March 5th, but I am so excited.  From now until then I am going to the gym next to my office...I might make it to the gym tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to wii my butt off :-)


Deano said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well... I think I'm getting the flu too :(

Tanya said...

Thanks Bro...didn't know you read my blog ;-) Hope u feel better too.

Shondi said...

Hope you're feeling better!