Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I blame it on my bra

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So I really, really did plan to go to the gym right after work tonight (since I was WAY too sore last night to go...likely due to the almost 2 hours I spent there on Sunday, plus my uphill workout on Monday).  I had my gym gear with me, even had an extra pair of sneakers in the office. Just in case.  5:00 comes and I head to the ladies room to change into my gear (if I don't change before I leave the office, it's just so much easier to turn left out of the elevators and go home than to turn right to go to the gym).  I get in the stall and am so pleased with myself.  Look at me, going to the gym for the third time this week!  I take off my work shirt.  I take out my gym shirt.  I look at my bra.  I look at my pale pink gym shirt.  I'm wearing a black bra.  Now there are lots of things I will wear - a BLACK BRA under a pale pink t-shirt is NOT one of those things.  *sigh* I really did have good intentions, I promise you!  So, alas, I got my work shirt back on, put on my boots and headed for the bus...home. 

Now I will tell you that I did do some Wii-ing - last night AND tonight.  Last night I did about 16 minutes of Wii Yoga and tonight I did 24.  I still have a charley horse in my left leg from last night's yoga, but I persevered! 

Tomorrow is another day.  I am going to go put a WHITE bra in my gym bag NOW...white bra under dark t-shirt=OK.  Black bra under white t-shirt...not OK!  I'm usually so careful...


Brandi {1 of 2} said...

That's something I can totally see myself doing! lol At least you got some Wii-ing done instead of nothing. Very cool!

Angela Pea said...

Oh NO!!!! I wouldn't have let the black bra stop me. I'm more focused on how I'll look AFTER my workouts (toned! Buff!) than during. Besides, everyone else in the gym is too busy worrying about how THEY look to notice me!

Then again - I'm a post-middle aged married for a quarter century mom of four. Nobody's checking me out anyway! ;)