Sunday, January 2, 2011

I found love

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So the Wii fit balance board I bought at Future Shop last week was a bust - would not Sync to my Wii or even stay powered ON.  It was an after-market balance board not made by Nintendo...I guess now I know why it was on sale.  Today I took it back to the store to see if they would replace it.  They did not have any more in stock and the girl on Returns said they'd had a lot of trouble with these ones, and she recommended buying the actual Nintendo one (double the price).  My first issue was that I had opened the Wii Fit Plus game that came with my balance board and they would not accept it as a return.  I figured I'd find a Nintendo board first and then deal with the game issue.  Thankfully they had ONE in the entire store (which I got!!) and when I got up to the cash, I asked if they could/would just take the un-opened game from the new box and "return" it with the broken board - another girl was there with her and she turned around and said "just do it"!  THEN (yes folks, it gets better!) I decided to try using my mall gift card (which has a MasterCard logo on it) even though I was nowhere near the mall...and it WORKED!!  So I did end up paying full price, but half of it came off of a gift card I got for Christmas. Yay!!!  The mall does not advertise that these gift cards can be used at stores that are not part of the mall....hmmmmm  Good to know!

So now onto the Wii Fit Plus.  I LOVE it!  I knew I loved the Wii Fit, but the Plus version has new games that are awesome!  I suck at most of them, but meh, who cares?!  Surprisingly the one I was the best at was Golfing (I hate golf!).  There's one that I love (and suck at) called Bird's-eye Bulls-eye - you flap your arms like a duck and are flying through the air :-)  I did 40 minutes on the Fit today and earned 3 activity points for WW without stepping foot in the gym.  I would have earned more points at the gym, but would not have had nearly as much fun.  Imagine me flapping my wings on the THAT would be a sight!  So tonight I went skateboarding, golfing, juggling, flying (as in bird, not airplane), took a bike ride, road a segway on the beach, had a snowball fight, hula hooped and so much more! 


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