Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting

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Sorry for no post yesterday, my wings were tired and I could barely lift my hands to the keyboard, let alone lift them to pick up a Wii remote!  Tonight I am still sore, but I forged on.  I did 40 minutes once again.  I tried Rhythm Kung Fu on the Wii Fit Plus tonight. I loved it!!  So far I haven't found anything about the Wii or the Wii Fit Plus that I don't like.  I am giving both of them a 5/5 rating.  I want to go out and try every game available - well the ones I'd like - I'm not really a "gamer" but I love these fitness ones and I also have the Jeopardy one, which I love.  I want to try the Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud ones next, plus there is a Scene It! one that's all about movies that I want to try.  I'll try some maybe from Blockbuster before I buy any more games.  Better to try before you buy :-) 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's "wing report"!

Wii-fully yours,

PS - anybody out there know how reliable the Wii fit balance board's scale is?


Sandy said...

HEY! We got the wii machine and a wii fit plus board for Christmas. We plugged in the machine, but not the board yet. It's in my plans for tomorrow. I'll weight myself on it, and then I have a weigh in tomorrow night, so I can tell you the difference... I can't wait to plug it in now!