Friday, December 17, 2010


Pin It Thank you God, it's finally Friday!  This week has felt incredibly long!  It's been a good week, just a very long one and my food choices have not been the best (even though I stayed within my points).  Let's hope tomorrow's results are OK :-)

This is just a quick post / plug to remember your local Food Bank (Feed Nova Scotia here) this time of year.  Several of my co-workers went to stock shelves at ours last week and they asked the person in charge what their greatest need was and they were told Baby Food :-(  They all agreed that they did not see much baby food at all during their time stocking shelves.  Our office decided we would do a BABY FOOD DRIVE between now and December 22nd.  I was going out last night to grab some of the stuff on sale at Wal-Mart and brought with me some $ from people who asked us to shop on their behalf.  I ended up with $120 worth of baby food!  Boy that's gonna be heavy carrying it from the car into the office today!!  It felt so good.  I got over 100 jars of baby food, cereal and powdered baby formula...and I only dropped one jar :-)

Ok folks, I'm off to finish getting ready for work!  Happy Friday!!!!!