Monday, December 6, 2010


Pin It So I woke up this morning and low and behold the POINTS PLUS PROGRAM has been updated on e-tools!  Yay!  My normal routine is to get up, shower, make breakfast and then sit down at the computer and plan my meals for the day (breakfast is pre-planned...see my Oatmeal post).  This morning the whole planning thing took SO much longer than usual, BUT that wasn't a bad thing.  The e-tools site was converting all of my favorites I had saved, recipes, etc., plus it went back to the start of my "WW week" which was Saturday and converted all those entries to the new program - some of the foods were ones I had added previously, so they had to be edited and some foods were no longer in the WW database, so I had to manually add a few things.  All in all, not a painful process.  So far of my weekly 49 points I have about 34 remaining (mainly because things went up in points...but then again, so did my daily target!).  My regular oatmeal went up, so did the peanut butter, but then again, the banana is now "free", so the total remains the same.  I read through the food companion and the dining out guides last night and didn't notice anything too shocking with the new point values.  If anything, I think I will struggle to get ALL of my points in.

On a slightly different note...I had an "aha" moment over the weekend following my gain.  A few weeks ago in my meeting, a lady spoke up and said that she just realized that the week 1 booklet tells you NOT to count points for your initial 2 tsp of "healthy oil" - that you only count anything OVER AND ABOVE the 2 tsp.  Woohoo, right?!  The leader did not contradict her, so guess what I did?  Went home and stopped counting the 2.5 points for my 2 daily tsps of olive oil...over a week that's 17.5 this weekend I opened up my week one book (for the first time in over a year) and low and behold...can't find a thing in there that tells you NOT to count the points for the healthy oil!!!  Grrrr.  I really wish my leader had spoken up and said something in the meeting about her being wrong!  This means that last week I would have used all of my flex points AND a couple of my activity points.  I have NEVER used ANY of my activity points and rarely eat more than 2/3 of my weekly WONDER I gained!  So this week, back to counting the oil...BUT on the new Points Plus program 2 tsp of olive oil is 2 points, not 2.5 like on the old program...thank Heaven for small mercies!

So one day into the new program and all is well...stay tuned folks!


Ragemichelle said...

It's good that you are recognizing your 'a-ha' moments. I gotta tell you, I've been willfully ignoring mine.

This is a reminder for me to PAY attention. Sometimes, they crazy girl in my head actually knows what she is talking about.

Keep up the good work!!