Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day three and still going strong

Pin It Today is day three of Points Plus for me and so far so good.  In fact, I think I'm eating MORE than I was before...and that worries me a bit.  Where I have not attended a meeting yet, I'm concerned I'm doing something wrong...but, I guess I just to go with it for now.  Attending my regular meeting on Saturday, so I'll get the full scoop then.  I just hope and pray that I don't have another gain this week - would love to get back into the 90 lbs lost category again :-)

On the gym front things are going well.  Went Friday after work, missed Saturday, Sunday was Kam's pool party, so went to the pool and Mom and I did some noodle exercises while the kids played.  Monday and Tuesday went to the gym again - was disappointed last night at my "regular" gym to see that ALL of the stair masters were out of order!!!  That has to be one of the most popular machines and they are ALL broken?!!  Come on folks!  11 minutes on that thing gives me like 3 activity points!!!  Bring 'em back!

OK, I have to go work now - somebody has to pay for all this health food :-)


The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Go Tanya! I'm interested to see what happens after your first week on the new plan.
And that sucks about the stairmasters. I suppose you could go old school like "Bitchcakes"- she runs up and down the stairs in her building in NYC. I don't know how she does it so fast, but she runs them like 40 times all the way up and all the way down. Crazy. I couldn't do it. I'm too scared of falling on stairs. I'm clumsy like that!

Tanya said...

Hmm, that's actually a good idea...I work on the 13th floor of my office building...I don't think I could do it 40 times like she does, but surely going UP them once a day would be equivalent to the 10 mins I have been doing on the stairmaster...I'm a baby stairmasterer :-)