Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's almost here!

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T-minus 2 hours, 27 minutes until the Weight Watchers Canada site launches the new program on e-tools.  I thought it wasn't launching online until tomorrow at midnight, but my leader told us this morning that it is launching at midnight.  I can hardly wait!  We were also told that the Deluxe kits will be on sale for $22.50 and will include the calculator, food companion, dining out guide and $20 in coupons.  My plan is to go to the meeting tomorrow morning and stay for the meeting and pick up one of these kits (before they're all gone!!)  I am hoping that this new plan will be just what I need to jump start my weight loss program.  Today's gain was hard for me, but I am stepping right over that lump of fat and looking forward to the new program.  On a brighter note, I had my fat analysis done at the gym and I've lost 10lbs of fat since October 30th - which is not too shabby since the scale is only showing a loss of about 2.8lbs...I guess I must be gaining muscle!