Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting the run around

Pin It So my email to WW last week asked them to tell me where in their Terms & Conditions it stated that you had to weigh in at the first meeting that you attend during the week.  Their auto response said that I would get a response within 24 hours - granted this was Saturday, so I figured 24 hours from Monday I would get a reply...yesterday I sent a follow up email since I hadn't received a reply.  No, understand, in my original email I did NOT dispute that this was part of their Terms & Conditions, I merely asked them to tell me where I could find it.  Today (day 5 after my original email) I received a voicemail from WW telling me that "Yes, you are correct, you can attend unlimited meetings in a week, but you must weigh in at the first meeting you attend in any given week."  She stated "this is part of our Terms & Conditions"...ok, my question still remains unanswered!!!  WHERE IN THEIR TERMS & CONDITIONS DO I FIND THIS??!!  I can't find it myself, otherwise I would not have contacted them!  Grrrrr

I've realized my blog sounds kinda whiny and complain-y sorry for that.  I actually had a great week.  Work was good - I've worked out according to my plan and eating has gone well too.  I still feel like I'm eating too much and I have 28 weekly points still left - and my week ends tomorrow :-)  I sure hope I'm doing this program right!  I did discover today that the 10 calorie Vitamin Water that I (very) occasionally drink has a WHOLE point!  It may only have 10 calories, but it is high in carbs...who knew?! :-)

I'm off tomorrow (yay!!!) and am planning to do a teensy bit of shopping, sleeping in (not in that order, obviously), gym and eye-brow waxing.  *sigh* I am so excited for my day off!  I may do some baking for the youth group if the day permits.

Another cute photo for you!

Sorry Mom, I'm new at this!