Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slow news week

Pin It Well folks, not much new going on here.  I did have a thought today as I was sitting at my desk listening to my BlackBerry buzzing (was I listening to it or was it that the vibrations are so strong I felt like I was on a carnival ride?)...do you think that those buzzes ever drive anyone to do anything drastic?  I have the sound turned off while at work and usually have it in my purse, but today I had it plugged into the wall charger, so I could FEEL the vibrations...I'm just sayin' - one of these days, some poor BlackBerry user is going to go POSTAL.

Oh, news I forgot to share on the weekend!  The WW App for BlackBerry and the iPhone for CANADA is finally supposed to be coming in January...I'm assuming January 2011, but nothing would surprise me.  I can't wait.  With my luck they'll say my BB is too old for the app ;-)

Night all!


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