Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Don't wait!!!

Pin It I was listening to a 2 Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast (episode 21) today on the way home from work (I just love these 2 Fit Chicks podcasts!!!).  They re-did their interview with Mrs. Fatass and something she said struck me.  A friend of hers had recently passed away, but what she remembered about him was that he didn't put off living life (my paraphrase of her words!).  So why do we so often wait for things until something else happens?  I'll do such and such when I lose weight.  I'll go here when I lose weight (see a theme for me!).  Mrs. Fatass said she wanted to have a body to wear a bikini and then this past summer she decided to just DO IT and she wore a bikini all summer.  I say, why not? (no, I have no plans to don a bikini anytime soon folks, don't get freaked out!  But kudos to anyone who does want to!).  This made me think - what have I been putting off "until I get skinny"?  I'll give this some more thought and will report back - perhaps I'll make a list of things to do BEFORE I get skinny!  I do have a couple of things I want to do when I DO reach my goal - but in my mind they are non-food rewards for myself, not things that I think I have to be skinny to achieve/do.

Is there something you've been putting off?  Until you lose weight? Grow taller, get shorter? Get a better job? Cut your hair? Please share your "I'll wait until" stories...I'd love to hear them.

On another hunger has found me.  I know I mentioned earlier this week that I just wasn't that hungry and that my 26 points per day were more than enough...not so much today!!!  I seem to be out of control.  It's the social situations that get me and today's social situation at work was my own fault...we had a office decorating party and I was the one who BROUGHT THE FOOD...chocolate...then I went to a friend's house tonight and had pepperoni and cheese (I have not had pepperoni in FOREVER) and half of a chocolate dip donut with candy cane on it...I had to leave before I ate the second half!  So those of you who were concerned about my lack of need to fear, it's baaaaaack ;-) haha

I MUST go to the gym tomorrow...have not worked out since my walk on Sunday night...feeling kinda blah this week -winter blues maybe?  But I have to go work that pepperoni off my butt...nighty night folks :-)