Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm in love with cauli-tators

Pin It I've seen recipes for 'fake' mashed potatoes for a long time now.  People rave about these 'potatoes' made with cauliflower that taste JUST like REAL potatoes...come on, get real folks!  Yesterday Mom and Dad were coming for supper and so keeping in line with Mom's new heart-healthy diet requirements, I decided to try making a potato cauliflower mash (named by my Dad as cauli-tators).  I wasn't ready to go cold turkey on real potatoes, but thought mixing them (as I'd seen in some recipes online) might not hurt.  I boiled each of them in their own pot and then combined them with about 1/4 cup of President's Choice Blue Menu chicken broth (only 85mgs of sodium per cup - by FAR the lowest sodium broth I have EVER seen) and 2 triangles of Laughing Cow Light Herb & Garlic cheese...and a mashing I did go.  I mashed and I mashed and I mashed and voila!  They looked like mashed (slightly lumpy) potatoes!  We were almost halfway through the meal before we told Dad that they were not real mashed potatoes!  SO GOOD!!!  I think if I'd used a hand-held mixer to mash them, you wouldn't know the difference.  Another thing...I absolutely hate leftover mashed potatoes - they never really taste good once they've been refrigerated...unless you fry them with butter and spices :-)  I ate the leftovers tonight and SO GOOD again!  So I bought some frozen cauliflower (yes, finally found some) tonight and will try making TRUE faux-tatoes maybe tomorrow night.

I would rate these cauli-tators a 5/5 for sure!


Brad Gansberg said...

I will definately be giving the cauli-tators a try. Sounds yummy.

Ragemichelle said...

Not a huge cauliflower fan at all..but this sounds intriguing. I'm always looking forward to know ways to trick myself into eating more veggies. :)

Calotren said...

Yes i was also a Potato lover but when i saw i am getting some extra fat due to only because of this food love, i swear i threw out this dish from my diet plan and now i can able to reduce those fats from my body. Thank God.