Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is it Food-a-palooza time again?

Pin It Candy canes, chocolates, fudge, Hello Dolly squares, truffles, chocolate covered potato IS a girl to resist all this?  The Hello Dolly square I discovered (after I ate it, of course) was NINE points!!  My half of a piece of fudge today was 2 points!  Our office is laden with goodies everywhere.  Last year I found it easier to resist, but I think that's because I was fairly new on program and was behaving better.  This year...I just can't seem to resist.  Thankfully the event I went to tonight had some very health options - my friend Heidi made a yummy low fat pork roast and a low fat squash recipe that was SO good.  I had salad with PC Blue Menu Fat Free California dressing (2 tbsp = 2 pts - so good!), veggies and hummus, a few Ritz crackers and cheese and a couple of puffed pastry thingys.  Thank the Good Lord that dessert contained strawberries, so I had no option but to avoid it!!! 

Well folks, tomorrow should be a somewhat "normal" day - 2 meals at home, heading to the gym after work (I haven't been since Monday night) and no events.  I've asked our receptionist to put the evil goody basket items that people keep sending us in the kitchen - I only go there once per day, whereas I pass through reception probably 30 times per day...much easier to face the temptation only once!

How do you all handle the food this time of year?  I suspect people might get ticked off if I poured pepper or ketchup over all the goodies to make them less appealing... haha


Ragemichelle said...

I'm just hoping to break even. I've gained and lost he same 3 lbs since Thanksgiving.

Today should be a good day. Tomorrow is my work Christmas lunch. Saturday is the extended family Christmas and I have NO will power.

I'm working out twice a day to make up for the extra food.

Never thought I'd look forward to January..

Shondi said...

Mmmmmm - hello dolly squares! Yummy.

How did you figure out the points? I find the WW database absolutely horrible since the switch to points plus. I have a lot of things in my pantry that are no longer in their original packaging so I've been looking stuff up on the internet.

It doesn't even have basic things in it, like Cheerios or Laughing Cow. Or Hershey Kisses!

Tanya said...

Hey Shondi. The only way I could think of to figure out the points was to search for a recipe online and go from there...At best, it was a guess...but better than using the WW database. You're right, it kinda sucks right now! I am hoping that they are just updating it and it will get back to normal soon. It's funny - I search for diet sprite (used to have a Cdn and US version of diet sprite come up) and now I only get regular sprite...I know it's ZERO points, but... still. Also Tropicana OJ is not in there! It seems more of a US-based database, which sucks since we don't have access to all the tools that the US people do AND we're accessing it through the CANADIAN site! Grrrrr