Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Product reviews

Pin It I have tried a few new (to me) products lately that I thought I would share with you.

M&M Meat Shop sells frozen marinated chicken breasts in a variety of flavours and I recently decided (since chicken at the supermarket was so flippin' expensive) to give it a try.  I think I am in love!  I tried the honey garlic and it is AMAZING.  Now I don't usually buy the frozen chicken breasts like these as I usually find them watery and gross...not to mention the fact that they shrink up to nothing!  These ones didn't shrink, had a lovely flavour and, best of all, were low in POINTS!  They give nutritional info on the box, but not all chicken breasts (as we all know) are created equal, so I weigh them as I cook them and they average 2-2.5 points per breast...amazing.

My second favorite new find are the Thinsation Fudge Dipped bars...OH MY!  If that bar were a man, I'd marry it on the spot!!  As good as a regular chocolate bar, albeit not as large, and high in fibre, so only ONE point per bar!  Careful if you eat more than one though - two bars become 3.5 points very quickly! They also have Nutter Butter dipped bars, which are very good, but not nearly as good as the Fudge ones :-)  For anyone in Nova Scotia, I have found these at Sobeys and they have had them on sale for 2 boxes for $5 for the past couple of weeks...well worth it!

A few other worthwhile finds (food-wise) are LaTortilla Factory tortillas (some of the large ones are one point) - found so far only at Pete's Frootique; PC Proadvantage yogurt (raspberry or vanilla) - simply the BEST yogurt I've ever had (1/2 cup = 2pts); and of course, VitaMuffins!!  These are hard to find around here, but I understand Costco carries them at a very reasonable price.  I love the double chocolate ones heated with a bit of ultra low fat cool whip on top...yummy!  A nice one point snack.  I'm hoping to find the VitaMuffin mixes when I go shopping in NY next month.

Two more full days before my next weigh in.  I am desperately hoping and praying for at least a 0.4lb loss so that I can get my 75lb medal for my key chain...woohoo!!  I was so close last weekend.  I didn't really mind though - It's kinda fun to be able to celebrate with friends and I've made a ton of good friends at WW.  Last week was our visit from Hurricane Earl, so our meeting got cancelled...I guess I'm just saving my milestone loss for this week when I can celebrate with all my WW friends  :-)


Shondi said...

I bought the Thinsations Fudge bars the other night - I think they're gross!

Tanya said...

Oh :-( I'm sorry you didn't like them Shondi!!