Friday, September 24, 2010

Is September Over Yet?

Pin It I always find the month of September extremely busy and this year has been no different.  All I can say, is I will be so happy to see October roll around next week. 

One week from Sunday is the Run for the Cure - I'm confident that I will make good time on the walk, but don't think this year will bring any running.  Maybe next year.  I'm actually considering the Bluenose Marathon (not the entire marathon!) in May with a friend of mine.  We are thinking about maybe doing the 10k - half running, half walking - lofty goal, but we have 8 months to get ready :-)

Two weeks from today I will be heading to Ottawa to visit Shondi - I can hardly wait!  The day after I arrive we are heading to New York state to do some shopping...oh my, I love shopping in the US!  Target, WalMart Supercenters, Kohls, JC Penney!!  I'll also get to see my old childhood friend, Linda, and my friend Carlie.  I might also get to see my friend Julie from Barrie if she manages to swing a road trip to Ottawa.  Should be a great week!

Food has been much easier this week - not so many outings that involved delicious, tempting food!  Exercise has been a bit lacking - only walked twice this week, but it's better than not at all.  Next week I hope to improve that by at least one, maybe two walks.  I'm out of town Thurs/Fri, but am staying at a Delta hotel, so hope to take advantage of the pool and gym while I'm there - might as well make the most of the nice facility!

Tomorrow is weigh in day, so stay tuned!