Monday, September 20, 2010

Golf Day

Pin It So today was our firm's annual golf day.  I always hesitate to commit to this event as the fun depends on so many factors...I hate when I get teamed up with people who take golfing too seriously and forget to have fun!  I had an awesome team this year and we golfed a 72 (which apparently is Par at this course)...not good enough to win, but good enough for us!  Food is another issue at golf day - burgers or sausages for lunch...figured the burger was the lesser of two evils; roast beef dinner with cheesecake for supper.  The dinner was amazing...kinda hard to count the points, but I figured with all of my non-water beverages, the burger and the supper/dessert tonight, I was only over my daily points today by 12 points, leaving me plenty of my weekly 35 remaining!  No grand plans for mega food this week, so the rest of the week should be a 100% on program week...No special events, no meetings, no outings with friends for dinner - I guess I should go get some groceries since it looks like I'll be home for meals lots this week!