Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food-a-palooza...oh, and new job (sort of)

Pin It This week has been a real food-a-palooza.  Lunch meetings, partner-cooked breakfasts at work, retirement parties, friends in from out of town, another lunch event...oh my!  Tuesday the partners and executive directors of our office cooked breakfast for us (Run for the Cure fundraiser) - sausages, bacon, eggs, bagels...and fruit, but the fruit was all cut up together with strawberries, so sadly, I could not eat the only healthy item on the menu due to my strawberry allergy...On Wednesday we had stuffed bread sandwiches and spinach salad...and then one of the partners in our firm came in and the next thing you know we're having this scrumptious dessert called cadix from one of our local restaurants (Salty's)...OH MY!  By about 2pm I had a pounding headache - from all the sugar I think...Wednesday night was a retirement party for one of the partners, Thursday at lunch, our group at work was taken out to Salty's for lunch and while I did well with the meal, when everyone at the table ordered dessert...I simply could not resist (note this is major dessert #2 this week!), so I ordered apple crisp thinking it would be not too was huge!  Thursday night I went out for supper with a friend of mine visiting from St. John's - thankfully we went to Swiss Chalet where I had control of what I was eating and was quite familiar with the menu and it's nutritional info (SC is my "safe" place!).  Friday, finally, was a "normal" day.  I think the main problem with the week was all of the unknown variables with respect to the food I was eating - 90% of it did not come from a chain restaurant that provided nutritional info.  I had to guess on both the cadix and the apple crisp and I hope I guessed on the high end. 

It is Saturday morning now and I finished my week with 3 weekly points remaining and 22 activity points in the bank...NEVER have I eaten this many of my weekly points and I am terrified!  My scales are not looking good at the moment... I know I shouldn't get on my scales at all, but I never like to be surprised when I get to WW (unless it's a good surprise), so I usually spot check a couple of times during the week and I just got on them this morning (6am) and I'm up about 2lbs according to the scales this morning...I don't weigh in for another few hours, but I have my doubts I'll drop 2lbs in 3 hours!!  I hate the thoughts of a gain - especially one that will take me below my 75lb loss :-(  I think I'd be OK with maintaining this week...if I lose, I'll die of shock!  I hate playing these games with myself - it's times like these in the past that I've fallen off the wagon and given up going to WW meetings - now, while I did not "cheat" or "fall off the wagon" per se this week, I do not feel good about my food choices.  I counted and wrote down every little thing I ate...I just don't know...I will have to force myself to go to the meeting this morning and face the music.

On a more positive note, it was announced this week that I am now the Team Leader for our local admin group in the office.  Should be an interesting road ahead.  Not sure if everyone is happy about the change, but I am looking forward to hopefully making a difference in my little piece of the firm. 


Shondi said...

Congrats on the 1 lb loss. I'm sure all of your activity played a role in your loss!