Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bloomers in my mailbox

Pin It Was awoken at 5:45 this morning by my neighbour's booming music, Saturday you can imagine, this did not make me happy.  On a brighter side, I was in my sneakers/gym clothes and out the door by 7:25 and had a fantastic walk.  It was an AMAZING day today.  I walked 5.56 kms at 11 minutes per kilometer while listening to a 2 Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast.  Shauna (one of the podcasters) wrote the book The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl, which I loved (wrote about this in a previous post).  They brought up the subject of almond butter...hmm, I think I'd like to try it.  It costs about $8-$9 per jar in my grocery store, but it seems fairly easy to make if you have a food processor - maybe something to try this fall

So I had another "athletic injury" - not as dramatic as falling off the bike, but by the end of my, my left knee was killing me and has continued to bother me all day.  Funny enough, it feels better when standing/walking as opposed to sitting/laying down...hope it will be OK for my walk tomorrow night.

I got home from my walk and decided to check my mail and, low and behold, I had a package in my mailbox!!  One of my dearest friends who lives in the UK sent me some Marks & Spencer panties that I love!!!  And they fit me beautifully!  I have to say, the M&S panties are the most comfy I've ever worn :-)

Soooo, food-a-palooza wasn't enough to keep me down today... I lost a WHOLE POUND!!  I was so excited/happy!  I would have been doing the dance of joy if I'd maintained this week, so to lose a whole POUND, made me ecstatic!!!

Spent the afternoon/evening in Seabright with my friend Renee.  I love spending time out's so peaceful and beautiful!