Sunday, July 19, 2009

We are women, here us roar!

Pin It Success is what I'd call it. Two single ladies installing two air conditioners sans male assistance! Yes, Tina and I both have our ACs installed and are basking in the glory of the coolness. Once we figured out what we were doing (and did some improvisation), we were all set. After the humidity of yesterday, neither of us could go one more week without these very special gifts from God being put in our windows. A special thanks goes out to Willis Haviland Carrier, the genius who invented the Air Conditioner!

Tomorrow is the day that Ann and I are running away to the Eastern Shore...unless it's stifling hot, then our plan is to sit beside the pool at Arlene's place for the day :-)

Well, I'm off to enjoy my AC and a good book...although perhaps I should toss some laundry in...ahhh, maybe later.


Shondi said...

Like the new blog format - goes well with your title!

I'll raise my glass (of passionfruit soda) to that AC guy!

I have 2 now and they are worth every penny!

Tanya said...

Two! Nice!