Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half way there

Pin It It's official...the week is half way through! Happy Wednesday everyone. Today is also the day that one of my best friends arrives in town. Ann arrives from the UK sometime later today. I can't wait for her visit to begin! We're planning a road trip on Monday (which I took as a vacation day) - I'm hoping if the weather is nice, that we will drive down to the Eastern Shore to Sherbrooke Village. A co-worker of mine is lending me her GPS system for my summer vacation to NY next month and she is going to bring it in tomorrow for me to try on Monday. I can't wait to start playing around with it - you know me and technology! There isn't a button I won't press :-)

Well, off to start my work on this beautiful sunny day. Expecting highs of 21 degrees today - woohoo!! :-)


Shondi said...

Hope you have fun with Ann - and nice weather for your road trip! Cheerio!