Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I missed Monday

Pin It Well, not really. I had a Monday...but I didn't have my Monday at the office that I normally had and everyone started the week without me...make sense? I love that I had Monday off, but when the rest of the office is in, it makes it hard to start your week on a Tuesday - it's almost like you've been left behind :-) Whew, what a crazy day. Of course, it was also my afternoon on the reception desk (oh joy, oh bliss). I was out there for 4 hours and was so busy that I got almost none of my own work done. I'll be SO glad when we finally hire someone for that position and I can go back to my own desk and get caught up on my own work.

Last night at Costco I picked up a new cookbook - Low Fat Express by Company's Company. Now I love reading these Company's Coming cookbooks and I have a bad habit of buying them, getting them home and discovering there might be one recipe I'll make out of the whole book. This one is different - I'd say there are several I'll make! Anyone who's near a Costco and who has a membership - Bargain Alert: all Company's Coming cookbooks are on for $6.99 (correction - cookbooks are actually $6.69)!! I also bought the Lemon Cream Cheese Crumble from the bakery department...thinking about it now, I bet the cashier was laughing at my low fat cookbook sitting on top of my lemon cream cheese crumble! Oh well, after vacation I'll get serious about the low fat idea...pray for me, please!!

Off to figure out supper...must check out Ducky's blog to see if she can inspire me to cook.