Thursday, July 30, 2009

Irish eyes are smiling

Pin It Went to The Old Triangle (Irish pub) for supper tonight with Ann, Andy and Arlene...hmm, I feel like my name should be Anya so I fit in with all the "A"s...attached are a couple of pics that Arlene and I took with her Blackberry...too funny - the flash was SO bright that Ann couldn't keep her eyes open, so I took this one and told them all to look away from the camera...we couldn't stop laughing!!! There's one of Ann, Andy and I, but it's still on the bberry. We had a nice time -there was a band there from Newfoundland that played a lot of Irish/Scottish music - they weren't of them kept staring at Arlene :-)

Tomorrow is the start of my 4 day weekend!! YAY! Monday I have plans with my sister-in-law to come over and "help" me clean out my storage closet ("help" in quotes because I really just need someone there to be accountable to!) As a back up for accountability, I've phoned the Diabetes people and arranged for a pick up of my give-aways for Wednesday morning at me one day's grace to "gitter done"! If I'm not back online by Tues night...send in the troops, I've gotten lost in there!!

PS - none of us is Irish...reference was to a song...just in case you were wondering :-) Andy's British, Ann's Greek-Canadian and Arlene is Chinese-Canadian...and I'm French, English, Scottish...what exactly am I??