Saturday, July 18, 2009

Upside Down Tanya

Pin It Ok, so we've all seen Adirondack chairs. They look harmless enough. Nice comfy chairs from a friendly little place in upstate New York. How much trouble can you get into with a chair anyways?

So it all begins with a pleasant evening out with my friend Tina. Smitty's for supper - had the salmon, which was great. Tina had the key lime pie for was YUMMY! After supper we had plans to go to Zellers for Tina to buy a birthday gift and then Sobeys for groceries (this was trip 2 for my pork strip recipe).

So we wander into Zellers. I relish the bright clean atmosphere of that store vs the dirty dingy appearance at a certain other major chain store (W). We're wandering the aisles, taking in the peacefulness of the quiet store (unfortunately, not too many people shop at Zellers anymore). We find some great deals and end up buying way more than we'd intended...finally we make our way to the back of the store where the seasonal items are. I try out a nice deck chair with a nice comfy padding on it (on for $24 regular $65!) and then I see it. The Adirondack chair. Now, I've sat in these chairs before at my boss' cottage and LOVED comfy - nice deep seats, close enough to the ground that you can stretch your legs out for some sun. The perfect deck chair! Noticing as I approach that the chair is not wooden, but rather a resin material (same as the chair I currently have on my deck). I sit down. Hmmm, this one leans back REALLY far...strange. Left side of it feels a bit tilted..strange. So finally I decide this chair is not for me so I try to get up and SNAP! Didn't that innocent looking chair SNAP! right under me! Now I know I'm no skinny minny, but PLEASE! I've sat in CHAIRS before! So, back to my story. I'm lying in Zellers, flat on my back, with my feet sticking STRAIGHT up in the the colour of my toes...called I'm not really a waitress by OPI...but I digress, back to the story. So, Upside Down Tanya is lying there. I'm looking at my feet - still stunned that I'm looking UP at my feet and not DOWN at them like I usually am. Tina is stunned - she keeps saying "are you OK?" and all I wanted to know was...did anyone see me??? But alas, we were in Zellers...I think there were 4 people in the store, including Tina, me and the cashiers, so thankfully, there were no witnesses. But I still have a problem. How in the WORLD do I get up. I can't go left...the chair arm is my obstacle...same issue on the right...I can't go forward - gravity just won't allow for it. So, ultimately, I wiggle my way backwards off this crazy chair. I stand up and, with all the dignity I can muster, brush myself off and walk away (with a slight pain in my backside).

I can't walk two feet without the flashback of my feet up in the air making me double over with laughter. I mean, how many people get to lay down in Zellers and inspect their pedicure? I'm very grateful that I was in Zellers that fateful night where the floors are shiny and the patrons are sparse. Had I been at "W", I'd be filthy dirty with a bazillion people looking at me and laughing.

The moral of this story...Weight Watchers, here I come...but not until after vacation next month.

PS - I really am fine :-) Just have a bump on my backside, but I'm sure I'll heal quickly!


Shondi said...

OH MY GOSH! I had a good laugh reading your adventure at Zellers - I can totally picture it!I guess you'll have to stick with wooden Adirondack chairs from now on.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Wowzers!!! I'm going to have to send you a link now... Honestly, it is good to know that stuff like this doesn't only happen to me! (I keep thinking catostrophes are isolated incidents, but alas... lol)
Glad you were ok!!!

Tanya said...

So I've decided I want to get an Adirondack chair for my deck... Zellers has them on sale... dare I try again???