Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it Juvember??

Pin It What is with this crazy weather? I know that typically June/July weather is unpredictable, but this is ridiculous!! Last night on the way home it was raining downtown, but we could see blue skies over the Clayton Park to CP and it was cloudy with patches of blue skies. Around 6:30 it was blindingly sunny...5 mins later it was pouring rain...5 mins later, cloudy with blue patches in the sky again. Today wasn't much better...we just didn't see as much of the sun :-) Oh, and this afternoon it was SIXTEEN DEGREES!!!

Oh well, this, my friends, is why I've started booking my summer vacations in August/September!! Two more weeks until vacation and I can hardly wait.

Not much more to say today - off to do some cleaning now. Have begun doing the dreaded oven....thank the Good Lord for fume free oven cleaner (which actually smells like lemons, so technically not fume free). Hoping I'll leave it overnight and end up with a sparkling oven tomorrow morning (yeah right!) I think next I'll tackle the bathroom...