Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why not validate someone else?

Pin It I think we are sometimes so inwardly-focused that we forget to get out of ourselves and purposefully validate others.  I was listening to the Jillian Michaels show (podcast) recently and she and Janice (co-host/producer) were talking about this and it's so true (if you are a fan of Jillian from Biggest Loser, you should really check out her podcasts...I love them!).  I know, for me personally, I need to do more of this.  Remember how good it felt when someone told you that you looked nice, looked like you'd lost weight, looked more buff, asked if you'd just gotten your hair done, told you they appreciated you, that you did a great job (I know I feel great when I hear these things!!)... imagine if for every positive affirmation you received from someone else, you turned that around and validated two more people...what would this world come to?? ;-)  I'm not proposing false flattery here.  I think we need to look for the positive in people (not just appearance-related) and use that to affirm those around us.  Can't hurt, right? Just a thought!

I know I've been absent these past couple of weeks.  I haven't really had too much to say to be honest.  Nothing super exciting going on.  Two pounds from goal as of last Saturday.  Happy about that, but trying not to set expectations on when that might come off.  I am off now until the Tuesday after Easter for an extra long weekend, so hope to get some extra workouts in, some freezer cooking made and all of my housekeeping/laundry done..that's just today's plan :)  Tomorrow is family day as the folks are going to be away for Easter Sunday when we'd normally do our Easter dinner/family day.  I have something I am going to try to make for tomorrow for the family...not sure it'll turn out, so I won't say any more here...but if it does work, I'll post photos over the weekend :)

Happy Easter everyone!  I'll be back on Saturday, most likely.