Saturday, April 7, 2012

Product Review: Weight Watchers Praline Cluster 2 PP Bars

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They were handing out samples of these at WW this morning.  I tossed it in my bag and thought I might try it later.  The packaging didn't draw me in, nor did the hefty $7.50 price tag for a box of 12 (on sale!), nor did the 2 Points+ per bar.  My initial reaction was...meh, we'll see, but I doubt I'll ever buy them.

I got home from WW and found myself a bit hungry, but given that it was almost lunch time, I didn't want to have anything significant... so...out comes the little, tiny, 2 Points+ WW bar.  To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement!!  This little creatures pack a wallop of taste!!!  I begrudgingly give these bars a 5/5 rating.  Still not sure I'd pay $7.50 for 12 bars.  At almost 63 cents per bar, I just don't think I can justify it...but maybe.  I'm certainly drawn to the flavour!!!