Sunday, April 29, 2012

Consolation prize

Pin It This week's WW topic was on Be Nice (for a change) yourself.  Basically, don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to your best friend...would you tell your best friend she were a failure for not having lost a couple of pounds?  Um....I have my doubts!  So then why say it to yourself?

Yesterday was my deadline for reaching my ultimate goal.  This was a self-imposed deadline - not one set by anyone else.  I've had enough and it's time to get this DONE!  Sadly, I did not accomplish THIS goal, but I am choosing to look on the bright side of things - I have accomplished many huge goals over these past couple of years:
  1. I have lost 122.9 pounds (as Fiona might say, TWO super models!)
  2. I have gone from a size 24/26 to a size 9/10 (did I tell ya I started wearing a belt on my jeans??)
  3. I have lost a total of more than 86 inches over my entire body (sadly, some of those inches were in places I wouldn't have minded keeping it!)
  4. I have gained a LOVE of fitness.  I look forward to working out and look for opportunities to be more active...going for walks with friends, working out at the gym with friends.  I love zumba, step, walking and even a little bit of running.  Next Saturday I am doing my first ever bootcamp...I'm a bit nervous as "bear crawls" and "bur-pees" have been has getting dirty!  Yesterday I bought myself a hula hoop and a skipping rope...stay tuned for more adventure!
  5. I've learned to like/make new healthy foods and I crave them!  This weekend I am going to do something with the two new foods I bought this week...leeks and artichokes...hmmm, what will I do??  I only bought two tiny artichokes and all the recipes call for larger amounts...I'm just not ready to commit though!

So there you have it...I'm turning this pity party around and refocusing on the ultimate goal.  My friends are right - I WILL get there in time.  I am now 1.7 pounds from goal.  It would be nice to see it this coming Saturday.... my 31 month WW anniversary (and my little brother's birthday!), but maybe it's not fair of me to outshine my baby bro on his special day, eh? :)  Maybe the following week.   My WW leader (Fiona) is looking over my food journal for the past week (yes, I journal EVERY BLT and my fitness) to see where I may be going off course.  We'll see if anything comes of that or if I just have to push forward.

As a consolation prize/runner up prize to myself (since I almost made my goal this week), I bought myself a Keurig!  I wasn't going to buy one...the tiny little ones were still almost $100 and you had to refill them for every single cup of coffee (pain in the neck!) and the next model up was well over $100...and then Walmart had a "sale" on the B40 Elite (the next model up from the tiny one) for $88...but my gift cards I had were for Best Buy, not Walmart...thankfully, Best Buy has a price match guarantee!!!  So after the price match discount, plus 10% of the difference (theirs was $139.99!), and my gift cards, it ended up costing me $45!  I am super excited.  Drinking my Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee right now....ahhhhh  Sorry, just had to share my great deal, even though it has nothing to do with my WL journey :)