Sunday, April 8, 2012


Pin It This week's WW topic is Anchoring.  Finding something to focus on when we are faced with challenges.  For some people it may be an object, for others it may be a person/people.  One guy at our meeting said he used his kids as his anchor.  When he felt like going off program, he thought about his kids and it reminded him that that saddest thing he could imagine happening was his kids standing around his coffin because he'd died of obesity-related disease.  That was powerful!  My leader uses her glasses - she taps the side of her glasses when she's tempted and it reminds her to keep on track.  My friend Karen uses her 10% key chain with her 25, 50 and 75 lb WW washers.  In the Weekly (April 1-7, 2012) this week, one member said she focuses on her collarbone!  For me, this one really hit home!  When I was at my heaviest, I didn't (appear to) have a collarbone.  Now I notice my collarbone whenever I look in the mirror and it makes me feel good.  I'll admit that I struggled with seeing myself differently until I discovered I had a collarbone.  I guess I never missed my collarbone...because I never realized it was there because it was hidden :)  So, I will try using my collarbone as my anchor this week.  It's something I can see, I'll never forget to take with me (I'll be in trouble if I do!) and it's a constant reminder of how far I've come.

no collarbone

look!  I have a collarbone


Anonymous said...

Hey Tanya
Right after the meeting I went to Walmart and bought a ring for my anchor and it actually worked for me last night- Sobeys Tantallon- got my grocs and was ready to leave the parking lot when I find myself sitting facing the McDonalds and all I could thinkk about was mmmmmm Cream Egg McFlurrrry mmmmm- but I stopped myself and rubbed the ring and remembered why I'm doing all this hard work and remember the saying "if you're tired of starting over, stop giving up" and I drove on by :)

Tanya said...

A ring is a great idea Sonya! I started using my collarbone today at Easter Dinner and it kept me from going back to pick at the leftover cream pies :) I like that quote...will have to remember that one! Nice job on driving away from the McFlurry...I know how hard that is. Icecream is one of my weaknesses...and so are Cream Eggs!! I plan to pick up one Cream Egg sometime in the next week or so, but I'm going to get one from Pete's Frootique because they come from the UK where the chocolate (and the cream) is SOOOO much better quality/taste than those made here in North America. I will allow myself one (if there are any left)...and then I will move on.

Anonymous said...

I totally remember where I was and who I was talking to when I first reached to play with my necklace and realized I could feel my collar bone! I have no idea what he was saying to me, though I'm sure it was important at the time, but I was totally distracted by that discovery! :)

Tanya said...

I love that you got distracted by your collarbone Karen! Too funny :)