Sunday, March 25, 2012

I have two feet and a more excuses

Pin It We've been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather here in Halifax - summer-like weather...which is very, very odd.  Our previous recorded high for March 22 was 10.8 (I think) degrees Celsius back in the 80s.  This week on March 22 it was 25.6 (official recorded high, although it did get higher) and on the 23rd it was 30!  Talk about blowing our previous record straight out of the water!  On Thursday after work I decided to head to Point Pleasant Park for a walk.  I love the park - everyone is there with their kids, dogs, etc.  I love to see people so active and enjoying the beautiful weather - even saw some folks swimming!!!  They must be the crazy people - the water here is ATLANTIC OCEAN water which has NOT had a chance to warm up!  Towards the end of my walk I felt lazy and tired and was going to take a shortcut back to the car when I saw this lady running.  She was running on what I assume to be her knees.  She had no lower legs, nor did she have lower arms.  I was amazed.  Talk about not letting your limitations hold you back!  After seeing her determination and drive, I extended my walk a bit, even threw in a slight hill.  Really, I should have and could have done so much more.  I mean, she was RUNNING without legs!  Wow.  Now THAT blew my mind.  I have a desire to run, but always think that I just can't do it... I guess with a healthy body and two functioning legs AND feet, I have more than what is needed to do it.