Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For the love of nuts!

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I'm always looking for new snacks that are satisfying.  I like to try and find snacks that are somewhat healthy, yet have that wow factor when it comes to flavour.  These certainly hit the mark!  Points-wise, one serving (50 almonds!!!) works out to 8 points, which sounds high, I know.  In all likeliness I would only ever eat half a serving.  They actually point out (gram for gram) the same as plain almonds.  Now I know what you're thinking...but Tanya, the sodium!  One full serving is 13% sodium (so my half serving would only be 6.5%, which is very reasonable).  The flavour of these babies...WOW.  I've already counted out my 25 nuts for this afternoon's snack and I can hardly wait!  Check out their website here.  For those of you in Canada, please note that the nutritional info noted on their site is different from the N.I. on the back of the products we receive in Canada (I think it's just the serving size that differs...ours says 50g/50 nuts and theirs is 28g/28 nuts).  These almonds are going to be my new favorite go-to snack!!  Overall rating - 5+/5!