Saturday, March 3, 2012

I've been lying to myself

Pin It I discovered at WW today that I've been mis-counting points on some of my regular foods.  Oats and cottage cheese are two.  For the oats, I've been counting 1/3 cup as 2 points+.  Someone at WW pointed out to me that all of the brands she'd found in the store actually calculate (from the nutritional info) out to 3 points+ except for the Bulk Barn variety (which are 2 points+ for a scant 1/3 cup).  I guess I always relied on eTools for things like this - I assumed "oats are oats" can the nutritional info be different from brand to brand?  It's not like they have added ingredients to them - ingredients are just oats...  so I guess I will either "scant" my 1/3 cup of oats or I'll up the points when/if I buy them from the regular grocery store.  The other item that I've been relying on eTools for the point value for is my fat free cottage cheese.  eTools says that 1/2 cup is 1 point+, but my WW buddy told me she'd calculated our local brands and that they are 2 points+ for 1/2 cup!!  Grrrrr...  I can understand the cottage cheese more so than the oats, but it still frustrates me.  I've been letting myself get lazy.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming these things on my recent gains, but I think they might be contributing to my plateau (not just these two items, but relying on eTools points in general).

Today's results:
Total loss: -120
Pounds to goal: 4.6

Yes, I'm up again today...but I'm more details forthcoming.  Next week will be better.

After WW this morning I went out for breakfast with a friend of mine.  I have not been out for breakfast in ages!  Going out for breakfast scares me to be honest.  I absolutely LOVE breakfast foods...but all the bad ones - bacon, eggs Benedict, ham, sausage, pancakes, omlets with cheese, etc.  My friend suggested Cora's (which has la creme de la creme of breakfast items)...if you are from the US, picture breakfast at Denny's or IHop, but on steroids.  She told me about this massive fruit plate that they have on their menu.  Luckily they don't pre-mix the fruit, so I was able to ask them to hold the strawberries/kiwi (allergies) and cantaloupe/honey dew (yuck).  You should have seen the plate!!!  I had left my BlackBerry in the car, so sadly there are no photos.  I had grapefruit (yep, finally tried it!), pears (like the green ones after all), pineapple, grapes, watermelon and banana.  It was massive!  It came with toast, which I asked for dry.  I added a packet of peanut butter to it.  All in all, my breakfast was 7 points+ and I didn't finish it :)  Now I'm not afraid to go back to Cora's again. 

This afternoon I made Blueberry Mint Lemonade.  I sweetened mine with splenda (I have Stevia in the house, but find it has a funny aftertaste).  Overall it was good.  I don't see the point of the blueberries though - they don't add any flavour to the lemonade...maybe the idea is presentation.  I also found the flavour of the mint a bit odd.  Not bad, just odd.  I think I'll make homemade lemonade again, but will leave the funny stuff out of it....maybe I'll add raspberries or pureed mango next time.

Day 11 of no chocolate, cookies or cake... cravings are coming, but I have not given in!!