Monday, March 12, 2012

One year ago today....

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On March 12, 2011 I officially reached 100 pounds lost.  One year ago today.  As much as I have struggled since then to lose the next 20 pounds, I am pleased to say that I have MAINTAINED 100 pounds lost for an entire year.  I have no idea what the statistics are on maintenance...but I like to think that I've beaten the odds :)  I know part of that is because I am still trying to lose, but anytime I start to get frustrated with losing these last few pounds, I try to remind myself that I have maintained a significant loss for an entire year.  I have to admit to you that actually getting to goal and HAVING to maintain scares me a bit (shh, don't tell anyone!)  Sometimes I think losing is the "easy" part (not that it's really easy, mind you).  The main reason to get to goal and lifetime status at WW is so it'll be free, not so that I can change my eating habits back to what they were before (that'd just be silly...that's how I got to where I was in the first place!). 

I've learned a lot this past year.  The past two and a half years actually.  I've met a ton of awesome people on this journey and have come to appreciate the awesome friends that I have had for many years.  I truly could not have come this far without your support.  People often ask me what my light-bulb or "aha" moment was that made things click this timed.  There are a couple of items that stick out in my mind - difficulty with airplane seats/seat-belts, broken chairs (see Upside Down Tanya for details on this one) and so much more.  But I really think that the clicking this time is due to several things.  Finding the right Weight Watchers meeting, finding not one, but two WW leaders who were "perfect fits" for me (I never, ever found this in the past!), going "public" with my struggle - both here and on Facebook - which resulted in so much support from existing friends and brought new friends into my life.  So I guess there really wasn't one thing that made it click this time.  Sure there were the airplane issues and the Upside Down Tanya story that actually brought me to Weight Watchers, but those are not the things that kept me going.  All of you are.

So on this, my one year anniversary of losing 100 pounds, I thank YOU!  I am now down 121.6 pounds and am 3 pounds from goal.  I refuse to contemplate over when goal might happen. Hopefully it won't take me another year, but if it does.... then it is what it is!

Happy Monday, Happy March Break and here's to year two!


bren said...

yeah!!!! well done sis! :)

Tanya said...


Debsdailylife said...

Awesome!!! Amazing!!! I remember a while back you were wondering if that 20 lbs would ever come!! Youve done great, and are an amazing inspiration!!!

Sarah Beth said...

This is so awesome Tanya! keeping 100 pds off for a year is exciting! You are an inspiration!