Sunday, March 18, 2012

You don't have a deadline, so you'll never be late

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This week's Weight Watchers meeting was about being more positive about your journey.  As always, Fiona (leader) wrote a poem related to the topic of the week and the title of this blog is a line from her poem that really stuck with me. 

It's a good thing that nobody has ever given me a deadline, because at the rate I'm going I'd be sooo late! ;-)  On April 3 of this year it will be two and a half years since I began this journey.  Sometimes I get tired of trudging through the trenches of this journey.  Sometimes I feel that all of you must be getting tired of hearing about my journey.  Then I have to remind myself that there is no finish line and I guess when it comes to whether or not you are tired of my wouldn't be here if you were ;-) 

So here I am.  Another .9 pounds gained and still 3.9 pounds from that ever elusive goal.  I'm only slightly bothered by this gain.  I sigh to myself wondering if I'll ever get there, but then I remember how far I've come.  I've gone from a complete couch potato (I nearly wrote "coach potato" for Donna's sake...) to someone who looks forward to exercise and I actually find myself running places rather than walking (I mean running to and from the car, not running to the mall) and not just when it's raining out, I love fruits and veggies that I've refused to even entertain before.  I received a bag of clothing from a dear friend of mine this week and in it was a pair of shorts in a SIZE 8 that fit to a "t".  That is something I am happy about.  I'm thrilled to walk into a store and know that I can start looking at size medium clothing instead of XXL or bigger.  Let me tell you, it feels good.  I find that more men open the door for me now (maybe that's just wishful thinking).  A super hot fireman held the door and dazzled me with his smile at Tim Horton's this morning when I went in for coffee...ahhhhhh I wonder if he works at the fire station across the street from me?  Sorry...I digress.  I guess I'm writing this post for me more than anyone else as I try to remind myself of all the good that I've done and how far I've come.  I'm focusing on the positive.  That will be my mantra for the week.  The days are getting longer, the bus strike is finally over, the weather promises to be amazing this week (is it REALLY mid-March in Halifax?????) and I'm determined to do more positive things this week. 

So no, there is no due date for these last few pounds - so I guess I'm not late.  I'm right on time for whenever they do come off. 

I'm off to drag my sorry/skinny(ier) butt to bed so I can wake up refreshed tomorrow and celebrate that it's Monday and I have something to get up for (my job).  I am going to drive my car to work one last day and be grateful that I have a car to drive and that I have a boss who was kind enough to leave me his parking pass while he was on vacation.  On Tuesday, I am going to be thankful that the buses are running again and I am going to enjoy standing at the bus stop in the warm March weather while listening to my iPod that I have missed so much these past 6 weeks (I seriously have enough Jillian Michaels podcasts saved up to last me all week and into next week I think! yay!)  I may even get off the bus early a few nights and walk part of the way home...because I am blessed with good health and am able to do so. 

OK, enough froo froo mushy feeling stuff.  I hope you all have an awesome week.

Ooh, nearly forgot - two new coffee finds at Winners - Blueberry Cobbler and Tiramisu flavours!!


renee said...

i love your positivity, tanya.
being appreciative and thankful what you DO have really is something special.
not everyone can be that way.
i personally love reading your blog and going along with you on your journey.
you are so inspiring - not only for all you have done so far, but for the way you keep plugging away even when the scale isn't where you'd like it to be.
you never give up, you always bounce back with a positive outlook.
i think you're fabulous girl!
thanks for sharing your journey!!!

Tanya said...

Aww, thanks Renee!!! :)