Sunday, March 11, 2012

Have your relationships changed?

Pin It I'm curious to know if any of you going through a weight loss journey (or anyone who has "completed" their journey) finds that their circle of friends has changed throughout the process?  I don't think that I have lost friends throughout this journey (at least I hope not!).  I do, however, think that some of my friendships have changed.  I think we all have those friends in our lives where our friendship revolves around food.  Any get-together or social time with them involves food - dinner out, coffee/snack dates, movies (and popcorn!), ordering dinner in... any time you make a plan, it revolves around food or involves food in some fashion.  How do we get away from this?  In my journey I've made some brand new, awesome and amazing friends - through Weight Watchers, through the gym and even people who were acquaintances before and who have become friends due to a new shared interest. That being said, I still struggle with social situations with my "old" friends.  I know I need to get a handle on social eating and learn that even if food is present, it doesn't mean I have to eat it.  In all honesty, potlucks and most restaurants scare me to death!  I am so grateful to my friend Karen who introduced me to the dish at Cora's last weekend that was basically a mountain of (free) fruit!  I know there are more restaurants out there with similar menu items...I just need to find them :)

How have your relationships changed?  Do you change what you do with your "old" friends now that you are on a healthy living kick?


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