Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How do I love thee, let me count the ways

Pin It I used to detest pineapple.  At least that was my feeling as a child.  Recently I decided to give it another chance and learned that I did, in fact, love it!  It has become my favourite fruit, other than strawberries (which don't count since I'm allergic to strawberries).  I've learned to eat it fresh on its own, chopped up in cottage cheese (another new love) and more recently in Greek yogurt.  Tonight's experiment took it above and beyond anything I could have imagined...

Two slices of fresh pineapple
A splash of lime juice
1 tsp of brown sugar
3/4 cup Greek yogurt

Place pineapple on a baking sheet (I foiled it first), shake juice onto pineapple (just a little) and then take your tsp of brown sugar and divide it between the two slices of pineapple (mine ere about 3/4 inch thick I think (I dunno, I'm a terrible judge...being on WW it doesn't really matter since fruit is FREE!).  Place under broiler for about 10 minutes...you could leave it longer I suppose, but I don't think you need to.  Remove from oven and slice and place on top of your yogurt.  I had also sprinkled a bit of splenda on my yogurt as I find it a bit tart.  THIS IS BY FAR the BEST three point snack (meal?!) I have ever had that wasn't made out of chocolate (PS this is DAY 7 of no chocolate, cake or cookies...and I'm living to tell the tale).  The flavour of the pineapple POPPED when it went under the broiler.  The brown sugar added just a touch more sweetness than the pineapple usually has - next time I may leave the splenda off completely as I think the pineapple/brown sugar is enough on its own.  This might (MIGHT) even be good without the brown sugar...the warm pineapple in the cool yogurt...yum...and SO filling!  OK, done now.  Oh wait!  I forgot to give credit - one of the girls from my step class mentioned last night that she'd seen on Pinterest where someone had done this with grapefruit (another child-hood-hated fruit that I may try soon) and it looked good...this is where I got the idea from :)

Here are some photos (before and after).