Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Perfect Storm

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As promised on Facebook, I am going to tell you the story of my Perfect Storm of a week, resulting in disaster on the scale this morning at WW.  First of all, let me start by saying that I am completely, totally, 100% responsible for this week's gain.  I own this fact and I am OK with it.  I'm not OK with it in that I agree with my behaviours this week - I'm "OK with it" in that I'm not down today like I would be if the gain were unexplainable.

So here goes...

Sunday/Monday - days were good
Tuesday...V-Day.  Our building management company at work sent us a HUGE box of chocolates. I'm usually OK and can avoid these things in the office...but just when we thought the box was gone, we realized there was a second layer!!!  Oh my... day one of the Perfect Storm...

Wednesday....this day was OK too - more snacks than I should have had (granola bar, chocolate, key lime sorbet)...but I still tracked everything.

Thursday - worked an event for work Thursday night.  Thought I might be out of there by 6:30 or so, putting me home by about 7...ended up stuck there til towards the end of the night I was getting really hungry and started grazing on the food.  Not all bad stuff...turkey, roast beef, ham...on top of little garlic bread baguettes...with cheese.... This was day two of the Perfect Storm and about where I fell off the tracking wagon.

Friday - We had a baby shower for one of my co-workers today.  Initially I was going to stay away from the shower (just to avoid the food)...but I didn't.  Pizza for lunch, followed by cake...and then later in the day, more cake... I shook myself off and came home and had some turkey/barley soup before my two hour Zumbathon...then after the Zumbathon I had my chopped chicken salad at Boston Pizza (7 pts)...and nachos...oh the nachos... I didn't order them, but I sure didn't turn them away when offered either.

Soooooo, this wraps up this week's Perfect Storm:  I had way more sweets than usual (several of which I did not track), I had oodles of sodium late in the week (which I NEVER do), I did a major (almost 2 hour) workout the day before weigh in (which I also never do), I ate out late on a Friday night (again...never do). 

All this resulted in the following shameful result on the scale:

Today: +3.7 pounds (praying a lot of this is water retention due to intense workout and sodium!!!)
Total to date: -117.3 pounds
To goal: 7.3 pounds

Sorry for the long, drawn out post here, but I felt like I had to "confess my sins" to keep myself honest and get back on track.  Sometimes it is so easy to sweep things under the rug and pretend they didn't happen.  I find that blogging these things keeps me honest and helps me to realize what works and what doesn't ;-)

Despite all of the above, I did have a good week.  The chocolates were good on Tuesday, the work event was a success on Thursday (it was an alumni event, so I got to see a ton of folks I hadn't seen in years!) and I had an amazing time with my Zumba friends yesterday...oh, and the Superstore poundcake and I had a great time too!  No regrets...moving on.  Confession over with.