Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whew, what a week!

Pin It Well this week started out normal enough until Mom called me on Wednesday to let me know she had gone to the doctor's because she woke up with numbness in the left side of her face and her left arm.  The duty doctor told her that she had a pinched nerve and sent her home with an increase in her blood pressure meds and a baby aspirin per day.  Thursday morning it was no better so Dad took her to the ER where they admitted her and determined she had had mini strokes in the past (not sure when) and they were trying to determine what was going on with her face and arm.  She finally saw the neurologist today after two nights and three days in the hospital and it has been determined that she had a stroke.  She is unable to drive for at least a month and will be off work for a while.  She has to have some physio on her hand/arm to regain full use.  The doctor seemed optimistic that she would fully recover, but she will have to have her BP strictly monitored for the rest of her life and she is now on cholesterol meds as well.  She was glad to be "let out of the closet" this afternoon (they had no room for her, so they had her in what seemed to be a little tiny lounge aka a closet) and was heading home.  She seems to be in good spirits, but I think she will get bored quite fast being at home all day and not able to be on the go like she's used to!!  Poor Mom...

Now normally when life throws me lemons, I make lemon meringue pie and eat it all (not literally!), but this time I took those lemons and turned them into a life lesson and made sugar-free lemonade!  Again, not literally :-)  I took this life lesson to inspire me to continue my journey to lose weight and eat healthy and to ensure that I never develop high BP (which runs in our family).  It's scary when it hits SO close to home (I am being literal this time).  I was down 0.8lbs at WW today and was pleased with this.  Our lesson this week was on fitness and metabolism - deep down I know that lean muscle burns more calories than fat and to gain lean muscle, I must exercise, but admittedly I have been rather slack.  The gym is calling my name...I've just chosen to ignore it quite well so far!  I did buy a new fitness DVD at WW today (they're on half price) and I will give it a try...tomorrow maybe.

Sooooo, I hear WW is changing their program again.  I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I am more than willing to give it a try.  I am hoping that trying something new will boost my weight loss a little and motivate me more.  Sometimes I think I've gotten complacent with the current program, so perhaps I need something new.  I found an article online that gave a brief description -sounds like the UK has been a trial area for it.

Happy Weekend everyone!