Monday, November 29, 2010

Recipe review: Weight Watchers Magazine Winter Squash Soup

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Had this at Mom's place yesterday.  One cup is only one Point.  My first thought was "only one cup?!"  BUT I forgot...squash is very dense and filling.  This soup was GREAT!  Mom left out the celery, used dried rosemary and did not add the cheese or pumpkin seeds (simply didn't have these items in the house).  I don't think they were missed at all.  At the table we added a touch of Tabasco sauce, but I think when I make it I will add some red pepper flakes (I like it spicy whereas my family..not so much!).  I may also add a dollop of light sour cream.  I give this recipe a 4/5 (would have given it a 5, but I'm still learning to like pureed soups...I'm fishing around for chunks of chicken or something!)  This would be a nice soup to cook on a cold winter's night to warm you up from the inside out.


Paula Rodriguez said...

Soup sounds amazing. I'm always looking for low point soup recipes because well, because they're great to have on hand when you're super hungry.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to following your progress.