Friday, November 26, 2010

Another crazy week comes to an end

Pin It I totally forgot to share what I did last Saturday afternoon!!  My friend Jewell kindly asked me to take their family photos for their Christmas cards!  I was soooo honoured :-)  So, I borrowed my friend Bianca's nice Canon digital SLR (nearly impossible to take a bad photo with this baby!) and out I went.  When I got out there, the snow had started (first of the year) to fly!  We had planned to do some outdoor and some indoor photos, so the snow was a nice touch.  I had a ball!  I was pleased with the pictures and I think Jewell and her hubby were too.  Sent them for printing tonight to Wal-Mart, so hopefully the printed versions will be OK!  I would love to do this more...but I think I'd have to get myself something better than my point and shoot Canon. 

So that was Saturday, then Sunday I had lunch with my friend Tina (it had been forever since we'd gotten together for a's a shame we live so far away from each other...teeheee - she lives next door!) and then headed to Mom and Dad's for the afternoon.  Met my brother and his girls there and had a nice afternoon.  My oldest niece, Kayleigh, bless her little heart, chopped her hair off to her shoulders and is going to donate her ponytail (to Locks of Love or something similar)...what a kid!  Poor Kam wants to do the same I think, but her hair is only just past her shoulders...her time will come though!  Both girls have such amazing hearts.

Monday was somewhat normal (still dealing with illness in the office, which is tough) and then Tuesday I did CPR/First Aid and AED (defibrillator) training all day...and then watched some lady fall backwards down the escalator on my way home from work!!!  Thankfully a co-worker of mine was in front of me and he caught her before she seriously hurt herself.

Yesterday I headed to our Moncton/Dieppe office to assist them with their first ever client reception since they joined our company.  The event was a huge success I'm please to say...the only bad part...all my fault...I gave into the appetizers at the reception...I was 3 coconut shrimp into things before I discovered that 4 of them were SIXTEEN MISERABLE POINTS!!!  That's more than half my total for the day!  Oh I stuck to my target points, but unfortunately did not get to the gym because the power in my area was out until just about an hour ago :-(  BUT I did go to the gym at the hotel last night!! Yay me!

Sorry for the ramble - meant to post mid-week, but the week kinda got away from me and, well, here we are...Friday again! yay :-)

Off to see Mama Mia the musical tomorrow afternoon - looking forward to seeing it live!  I love Abba...grew up listening to Abba and Air Supply....such a child of the 70s I am.